The Evidence
The Evidence
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  • 9786259450445
The Israeli military's assault on Gaza initiated on October 7th under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has resulted in the most extensive destruction and loss of life witnessed since the Nakba or the "Great Catastrophe" in 1948. Throughout the relentless attacks so far numerous violations of international legal norms and the laws of war have been committed.

The Evidence has emerged from a resolute commitment to meticulously document these transgressions which have elicited a significant international reaction and to ensure that these atrocities are not eventually forgotten by the international community. Its content shaped by the reports and photographs of AA photojournalists and correspondents who work selflessly under extremely challenging conditions in the Gaza Strip not only provides firsthand accounts of the events transpiring in Gaza that the world would otherwise remain unaware of but also serves as a guiding reference for the pursuit of justice on international platforms against the crimes committed by the Netanyahu administration.
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